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Week 2 NFL Picks and Predictions

A look at the NFL slate and some picks against the spread

New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Last week was not the week to follow along for picks against the spread advice, as I went a blistering 5-11.

However, I am off to a 1-0 start this week with the kicker of the fact I nailed the over call on the Jets vs Bills.

For this week, well we will see if things get any better.

Here are my week two NFL picks against the spread.

Dallas Cowboys (+2.5) at Washington Redskins

The Cowboys were close in their home opener and I think they get better after week one. That and the uninspiring performance by Washington is the reason I take Dallas.

Cowboys 20
Skins 16

San Francisco 49ers at Carolina Panthers (-14)

I have a firm no two score rule early in the season, but after a poor performance against the Broncos, with it their home opener, and with a week and half of rest and prep, I think the Panthers squeak by (on the spread).

Panthers 31
49ers 14

Tennessee Titans at Detroit Lions (-7)

I hate this line so much. The Titans fell apart quickly last Sunday against a great Vikings defense, while the Lions looked good, then awful, then good. Seven points is a lot, but it is in Detroit and I don’t know if Mike Mularkey knows what he is doing still.

Lions 28
Titans 17

Miami Dolphins (+7) at New England Patriots

I don’t think the Pats lose this game, but I think a touchdown win, after what New England and Miami just did in their respective matchups, is a quite a bit.

Patriots 24
Dolphins 20

New Orleans Saints at New York Giants (-5)

This game is going to be an offensive explosion. I can’t wait, but I think the Giants come out on top at home.

Giants 38
Saints 31

Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans (-1)

It is not that I completely am buying into the Texans as much as I just don’t know how good the Chiefs are yet. Again, another line I would never bet on, but I’ll take the home team only because they are at home.

Texans 24
Chiefs 21

Baltimore Ravens (-7) at Cleveland Browns

You bet against the Browns until they show you differently. That is really it.

Ravens 28
Browns 17

Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers (-3)

This is a good line, as I think it over compensates for what the Bengals did last week to what looks like a not as good as expected Jets defense while not giving the Steelers enough credit for their complete undressing of Washington.

Steelers 27
Bengals 21

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+7) at Arizona Cardinals

I hated the line on the Cardinals last week and hate this line equally as much. The Bucs are a really good offensive team and I am not sure the Cardinals defense is as good as they had hoped… Yet. The Cardinals win, but in a close game.

Cardinals 31
Bucs 27

Seattle Seahawks (-7) at Los Angeles Rams

I don’t think you could make this line big enough for anyone to believe in the Rams this week. While I am sure they’ll be better, are you really willing to put money on it?

Seahawks 30
Rams 10

Jacksonville Jaguars (+3) at San Diego Chargers

I am interesting in seeing how the Chargers respond this week, after a bad loss the first week. Meanwhile the Jags were close to taking down the Packers, so give me the team that looked good in loss, even though it is the Jags.

Jaguars 27
Chargers 21

Atlanta Falcons at Oakland Raiders (-4.5)

The Raiders offense is really good and their defense looked really below average, but it was against the Saints. Meanwhile, the Falcons looked bad against the Bucs at home. I am surprised how low this line is honestly.

Raiders 31
Falcons 24

Indianapolis Colts (+7) at Denver Broncos

Much like the Cardinals and Bucs, it is not that I think the Broncos lose this game, as much as I don’t think the Colts lose by seven points.

Broncos 28
Colts 27

Green Bay Packers (-2.5) at Minnesota Vikings

I don’t know what to think about the Vikings yet. They got down early to the Titans but then behind a phenomenal defense, they blew Tennessee’s doors off.

The Packers made a very good Jaguars offense look pedestrian at times and they won’t have the same type of poor offensive output as the Titans… Will they?

Packers 24
Vikings 17

Philadelphia Eagles (+3) at Chicago Bears

I am all in on the Carson Wentz hype train. Give me the Eagles and I don’t even have a reason.

Eagles 21
Bears 20