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Despite Production, Arians not Happy with Arizona Cardinals Offensive Output

The Arizona Cardinals offense is still not where it needs to be.

New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

As the child of a coach, you always know when dad isn't happy with you, even if you got the win.

That is where the Arizona Cardinals are right now, "The score doesn't indicate, I don't think, how poorly we played offensively," Arians said. "We can get a hell of a lot better. Communication was not very good in the beginning of the game -- way too many mental errors, especially by a couple young players."

Mental errors are inexcusable to Bruce Arians and the offense, despite the breakout, is not where Arians and company want him to be.

The best drive of the Arizona Cardinals season came on their first scoring drive of the game, but that was after ten plays and 27 yards of offense in the first quarter that led to two punts. The Cardinals started that drive with 5:06 to play in the first quarter, but couldn’t punch it in until the beginning of the second quarter, extending their scoreless streak in the first quarter of games to three (New England and Carolina as well).

From there, we saw another great Larry Fitzgerald catch, but then the defense got the ball right back at the Bucs own 19 yardline, and the Arizona Cardinals had to settle for a field goal.

They then went three and out before they found that rhythm that we expect, maybe unfairly from this ofense

Eight plays, 68 yards and a touchdown to Michael Floyd then four plays and 74 yards for a touchdown on a beautiful throw and catch to the Arizona Cardinals WR2 right now, Jaron Brown.

They came out for their first series of the second half up 24-7 after the Bucs took their opening third quarter drive down for a touchdown. They had a nice response after the Bucs score, going five plays and 53 yards for a field goal, but you could tell that there were still issues.

When does it get fixed? Is Arians being upset more about keeping these guys grounded headed into a situation in Buffalo that should be as much as a layup as you get in the NFL?

Or is there concern that we are two games in and entering year four and we still see communication errors happening?

Whatever the answer is, if 33 offensive points is wrong, I don’t want to be right.