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Larry Fitzgerald Among Pro Football Focus' Best in Week 2

The ageless one continues to be the Arizona Cardinals best player.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Arizona Cardinals Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to consistent, offensive play the Arizona Cardinals are led by one man every week, Larry Fitzgerald.

After week two of the season ended, Larry Fitzgerald was again among the best offensive performers in the NFL, landing on the Pro Football Focus’ ten best offensive players in week two list.

From PFF:

Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Arizona Cardinals (85.4)

While Michael Floyd was kept quiet by the Bucs, Fitzgerald was more successful, catching five passes for 81 yards and a touchdown. This being Fitzgerald, there was also some impressive blocking on display, notching a “welcome to the NFL, rookie” pancake against Bucs’ first-round cornerback Vernon Hargreaves III at one point.

Fitzgerald was the fourth best wide receiver in the NFL in week two according to Pro Football Focus, and the fact that he continues to be the best offensive player for the Arizona Cardinals is both good and bad.

It is good because it shows what a professional is, what happens when you are driven by greatness, and how to be successful for a long period of time.

The bad is simply that the Cardinals have invested in a number of players on the offensive side of the ball. Even though Fitzgerald is a legend and will be in the Hall of Fame when it is all said and done, should he really be the best player on the Cardinals offense, and maybe even the team still?

Regardless, through two games, Fitzgerald is on pace for 112 catches for 1,296 yards and 24 touchdowns. While we know the touchdowns will regress, the catches and yards are both within reason and continue to show what a player dedicated to his craft can do, even at an advanced age (NFL wise).