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Larry Fitzgerald is Best Slot Receiver in NFL

The 33 year old is the gold standard by which all other slot receivers are measured.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Arizona Cardinals Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

There is little we can do to adequately describe the greatness of Larry Fitzgerald anymore, but every week he does his best to make us try.

Maybe the only thing left for us to do is just call him the best.

Thats what's Chris Wesseling did in his article ranking the best slot receivers in the NFL. Fitzgerald was posted at the number on slot, and deservedly so.

From Wesseling:

Let's pause to appreciate greatness 13 years into the extended prime of a Hall of Fame career. Once the NFL's gold standard as an "X" receiver consistently beating cornerbacks downfield, Fitzgerald has remade himself by using the greatest hands of his generation to come down with contested catches in tight spaces. The plaudits don't stop there. Fitzgerald is also the best blocking wide receiver, the most productive postseason star and perhaps the foremost model of stability as the face of theCardinals franchise.

When will we learn to stop writing the 33-year-old legend off as a difference-making talent? Even after Carson Palmer posted a gaudy 119.5 passer rating on throws to Fitzgerald in 2015, conventional wisdom suggested younger teammates Michael Floyd and/or John Brownhad surpassed Fitzgerald in Arizona's pecking order entering the 2016 season. Through two weeks, Palmer has increased his passing rating to 134.2 on Fitzgerald targets. He's the class of one of the NFL's most dangerous wide receiver corps.

Honestly, can you blame them?

Fitzgerald goes out every week and is usually the best player on the field.

We all witnessed in the "All or Nothing" series the exhaustion Fitzgerald is willing to push himself to, and maybe we just need to sit back and admire him and what he does week in and week out.