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Could Andre Ellington Be Traded?

With the rash of running back injuries, could a team come calling?

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

We are two weeks into the 2016 season, and it is clearly a rough one for the running back position.

Considering the relative depth currently on the Cardinals roster, and (in my opinion) the likeliness of A.E. joining a new team during the off-season, would Keim consider shipping him off, if the offer was right?

Now currently this is just conjecture, but its a reasonable idea.

When injuries pile up at a position, it leads to a scarcity at that position, which raises the prices for players at that position, perhaps to where GM's may be inclined to "sell high". Basic Economics, really. Now, if we are selling, who could be buying?

Well two teams immediately jump out- the San Diego Chargers and the Detroit Lions.

Ameer Abdullah and Danny Woodhead both were put on the IR for the year.

As undersized, shifty backs with receiving prowess, Andre Ellington would be a perfect match to fill that role. It just makes so much sense, so it probably will not happen.

Who else might call? Let's run them down-

Tampa Bay?- Its possible, considering Doug Martin is to miss about a month, for them to look for a guy to compliment Charles Sims, who's an underrated back, but can't do it all.

Minnesota?- Adrian Peterson is going to miss a significant amount of the season- possibly all of it. But with the signing of Hillman, paired with McKinnon and Asiata, I don't think so.

New York Giants?- Rashad Jennings injury only seems minor at this point, and its hard to see Ellington's fit with Shane Vereen already on roster. Pass.

Carolina Panthers?- So Stewart is going to miss some time? Yeah, maybe Ellington fits here, in a committee with Whittaker and Cameron Artis-Payne...but to be completely honest, if there is a weakness on the team that has embarrassed us the last two seasons, I am not scrambling to help them. Leave a message.

Seattle Seahawks?- A division rival? I wish Rawls well, but go ahead and roll with Christine Michael and those 18 rookies you drafted at running back. Ha, i kid.

Miami Dolphins?- Wait, Arian Foster got hurt? I'm shocked. But add Ellington to the power running of Ajayi and rookie Kenyon Drake? Out of conference? Yes, this makes sense.

New England Patriots?- Could Ellington fill that role that Dion Lewis excelled in, as Lewis recovers from off-season surgery? Well, perhaps... Wait, they want to give Cooper back? Hang up Steve.

Injuries are a tough reality for teams, and that's why depth is such an important part of building a roster. Could we trade Ellington to one of these teams that have suffered an injury? Yes, of course. It's conceivable that his value has only gone up. But how good of a price would a team have to offer for us to part with him? Because, in the NFL, we are one game away from us calling teams about their running back depth.

*knocks on wood*