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Week 3 NFL TV Maps: What Games Will You be Watching?

Check out the game maps for week three in the NFL.

It is week three of the NFL season and if you do not have Direct TV, like me, you need to know what games will be on for you today.

As Arizona Cardinals fans, we will be getting a look mostly in Arizona and parts of New York, as the rest of the map is heavy with other games.

Not pictured are the two late Fox games, San Francisco at Seattle, the dark blue and Los Angeles at Tampa Bay, the light blue.

The thing I do not get, why is a small section of Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri all getting the Arizona Cardinals at Buffalo Bills game? These things make no sense.

For those not in Arizona, eastern New York or in sections of the midwest, here are the CBS morning games you’ll have access too.

The Denver Broncos at the Cincinnati Bengals is a really intriguing match up, the rest are... meh.

The late CBS games that we get in Arizona.

We’ll get a look at the Steelers at the Eagles and Carson Wentz.

What games are you looking forward too?