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Arizona Cardinals at Buffalo Bills 2nd Half Game Thread

Talk about the Arizona Cardinals game against the Buffalo Bills.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Buffalo Bills Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

It was another lackluster start for the Arizona Cardinals as they trail the Buffalo Bills 17-7 after the first half.

The Arizona Cardinals offense punted on their first five possessions and did not get their first first down of the half until the start of the second quarter.

The Cardinals were aided by a terrible Jerry Hughes penalty, as he yanked Carson Palmer’s helmet off, leading to the Arizona Cardinals drive being extended, where they decided to remember that David Johnson is the best running back in football.

It only took two games, but the Arizona Cardinals finally figured it out.

Overall, it was a really bad first quarter and the Arizona Cardinals responded with an okay second quarter.

The Cardinals need to realize that the NFL understands that they like to throw deep, maybe get the ball out quicker and also run the ball, then get deep, but overall, offensively... bleh.

Let’s see the Arizona Cardinals turn it around and get this win.