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The Good, the Bad and the VERY Ugly - Week 3 Loss to Bills

In an ugly loss to the Buffalo Bills, we explore the Good, the Bad and the (extremely) ugly from the loss.

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The Good, the Bad and the VERY Ugly - Week 3 loss to Bills

As of writing this the Cardinals are down 14 points with just over ten minutes to go. There isn’t going to be a lot of good. And now that the game is over, there wasn’t much good at all. That was ugly and embarrassing.

The Good:

  • David Johnson may be a generational type talent. His play through three weeks has been nothing short outstanding.

  • Chandler “Inconsistent” Catanzaro NAILED a 60 yard field goal. Special teams is like the friend who you hope will get their life together, shows signs of growth and then disappoints you in a whole new way.

The Bad:

  • Well the obvious one first, the Cardinals lost and they lost bad.

  • The defense was torched and right now James Bettcher’s seat has to be a spark away from catching on fire and burning down the building. The defense had one good game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Right now that appears to be a mirage of what the defense is actually capable of.

  • Offense’s slow start, again. Three weeks, three slow starts with yesterday being the worst of them all. Five straight three-and-outs, barely 10 yards in the first quarter. Bruce Arians has started off firing shots in the passing when the run game has been the key to the Cardinals offense. Once DJ is rolling, the offense begins to roll. The deep ball hasn’t been there and Arians is taking too long to adapt.

The Ugly:

  • Special teams. Just wow. Another bad snap from Canaday was the nail in the coffin for the Cardinals today. A good punt and a bad punt from… that guy who kicks the ball, who is now injured. The punt coverage wasn’t great either. It’s just all ugly.

  • The Cardinals gave up 26 points to the Bills offense missing Sammy Watkins. They gave up 164 rushing yards in the FIRST half alone. This can’t happen. The offense isn’t playing well enough for a very talented defense to play this bad. How was the defense not focused on stopping the run? I think I believe LaMarr Woodley now.

  • FOUR, yes, four straight INTs to end the game. Palmer looked his worse all season and the line didn’t help with FIVE sacks. Defense outcoached by a rookie OC, offense out coached by a desperate Rex Ryan.

  • Having to go an entire week this on the scoreboard. Having ANOTHER team stop by saying “we all had this chalked up as a loss.” Folks, we might just be the most overrated team in the NFL.

ROTBers, this is a tough loss to swallow. The Cardinals played as bad as they ever have under Bruce Arians and Steve Keim. I turned off the game after Palmer’s second INT. This team, at this point, is overrated. “All or Nothing,” the media hype and the bravado from Arians has seeped into this team. They’re in the media talking, making barbs at other teams players and acting like they should win just because of what the media has hyped them up to be.

As the saying goes, it’s time to get back to the basics. The Cardinals need to start playing football like an upstart team. A team desperate to win every, single, week. If they can’t find some humility, and quick, this may be an ugly season for the Cardinals.