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Play of the Game: Cardinals vs. Bills

In a forgettable game, there were a few memorable plays, but which one was the best?

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

While most Cardinals fans might be tempted to burn the game film from this game after being blown out by the 0-2 Buffalo Bills, there were some spectacular plays.

True, the most spectacular plays were the ones that the Cards DIDN'T make and the Bills did, but at least there are some positive to take away.

Patrick Peterson made another impressive interception.  John Brown returned to form and had a spectacular 52-yard punt return.

But it was this play by David Johnson that caught my eye:

Johnson had to deal with a poor offensive line all day, which had Carson Palmer hurrying throws and Johnson unable to gain much on the ground through the first half.

But on this play, we see that sometimes an offensive line isn't necessary if you have a great understanding of space.  Here Johnson has to navigate through traffic despite Bills defenders already being in the backfield.  He shifts right, left and ends up finding a hold after making guys miss and dives forward between two defenders for what would be ruled a touchdown.

While these sort of runs aren't the "sexy" long TD's we are used to on highlight reels, it's a showcase for Johnson's insane ability to cut on a dime and make guys miss in space.  Even when he doesn't have a ton of room to work with.

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