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Week 3: Arizona Cardinals Player of the Game

Who was the Player of the Game vs. Buffalo in the Cards' loss?

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

There wasn't a whole lot of good happening in the Bills' blowout of Arizona this week.

The offense struggled and it felt like it was a chore to get downfield, the defense gave up huge gashes on the ground, and the special teams bit the team in the heel again.

Yet, there still must be a player of the game.  So let's take a look at our nominees:

David Johnson: 19 carries, 82 yards rushing, 2 TD's, 3 catches for 28 yards

Johnson couldn't find much running room versus the Bills' front seven but still ended up averaging over 4 yards per carry with two scores, the long Cardinal touchdowns of the day.

John Brown: 6 catches, 70 yards, 1 KR for 51 yards

Brown finally returned to form, averaging 10.1 yards per reception as an intermediate and deep receiver for Arizona.  He also had a spectacular 51-yard punt return (counted as a kickoff as it came after a Cardinals safety) that the team could not capitalize on.

Tony Jefferson: 6 tackles, 3 assisted, 1 sack, 1 Forced Fumble

Jefferson continues to be a blue-chip playmaker on the Cardinals' defense and a force to be reckoned with with each game he plays.  He's thrived in the "Honey Badger" safety role down near the line of scrimmage while Mathieu continues to get back into shape in the deep middle of the field.

So, who has your vote?  Cast it below!

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