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Revenge of the Birds Wrap: Bills Dominate Cardinals

Seth and Tyler talk about the game and what the heck happened.

Arizona Cardinals v Buffalo Bills Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images


33-18, we’ve had a day to sit and stew, and still, nothing makes any sense for the Arizona Cardinals.

How do you lose and not just lose, but get blown out, by a reeling Buffalo Bills team.

There was little competitive fire, like the Cardinals expected the Bills just to roll over and let them take the win.

Now, the Cardinals sit one game back in the division, with a game against the Los Angeles Rams upcoming.

While the Rams offense scares no one, the way the Arizona Cardinals offensive line has played through the beginning of the season, accompanied by the Cardinals inability to stopping the run all of sudden, means this game seems more stress filled than it should.

Also, is when does the dog house end for Robert Nkemdiche? The Arizona Cardinals need a spark defensively, maybe he can provide it.

Enjoy the show, let us know your thoughts.