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Week 4 NFL Power Rankings: Can Anyone Stop the New England Patriots?

Jesse Reynolds gives you the rankings of the best to worst teams in the NFL heading into week four.

Houston Texans v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

With each new week comes a new Power Ranking. So many of you wonder why these matter; yet here you are reading it, curious to see what I think of the NFL. Or maybe you just want a place to talk about chicken wings, blue cheese and whatever else this cooking - uh, Cardinals blog has turned into.

So without further ado, top recipes this week.

1. New England Patriots – All they do is win and it’s crazy that whoever plays QB they still win. Their schedule hasn’t been brutal with the supposed best team they beat, the Cardinals, not looking like a great team through three weeks. Its possible they escaped the Tom Brady suspension with an easy schedule. Maybe the Patriots get a real test in the Bills… Maybe

2. Denver Broncos – Rookie Trevor Seisman has Bronco fans forgetting about Brock Osweiler. They’re 3-0 and the defense looks as mean as it did last year. Right now the AFC is looking like a stacked division. Broncos play the Buccaneers next, 4-0 is sight.

3. Minnesota Vikings – The Purple People Eaters may have the best defense in the NFL. They WALLOPED Cam Newton and the Panthers, despite not having All-World running back Adrian Peterson and the offense being led by Sam Bradford, who’s been with the team like three weeks. If Bradford stays healthy the Vikings could find themselves atop the NFC heap.

4. Philadelphia Eagles – If you read into the training camp news, the Eagles were going to suck really, really badly this year. Guess that Carson Wentz guy is good. Okay, he’s off to a historic rookie start good, and we all know what good QBs do for a team.

5. Baltimore Ravens – Quietly at 3–0, the Ravens are healthy and are reminding the league of how good their team can be when healthy. One of the best-run franchises in the NFL continues to boast one the best defenses in the NFL. What may hold this team back is their bottom tier offense.

6. Pittsburgh – Besides getting Wentzed, they still boast a stellar offense that can blow up a scoreboard.

7. Carolina Panthers – Another team beaten badly but boasts a talented roster.

8. Houston Texans – Osweiler needs to show up, thankfully they can lean on their D. Just for how long is the question...

9. New York Giants – 2-1, the Giants must feel nauseous seeing the Eagles fly so high.

10. Los Angeles Rams – It’s early, who knows if this team is for real with Jeff Fisher at the helm. So far, so good.

11. Seattle Seahawks – A drubbing of the 49ers allows them to climb the ranks in my books, but Wilson is getting beat up and the season is young. How long will he last at this pace?

12. Green Bay Packers – Is Aaron Rodgers back? If so, good luck league.

13. Atlanta Falcons

14. Oakland Raiders

15. Kansas City Chiefs

16. Dallas Cowboys

17. Buffalo Bills

18. Arizona Cardinals

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

20. Detroit Lions

21. Cincinnati Bengals

22. Indianapolis Colts

23. Washington Redskins

24. New York Jets

25. San Diego Chargers

26. Miami Dolphins

27. San Fransisco 49ers

28. Tennessee Titans

29. New Orleans Saints

30. Chicago Bears

31. Cleveland Browns

32. Jacksonville Jaguars