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Morning Overreaction: What is Going on with the Arizona Cardinals!

How? What? Why? Can we get a restart on the 2016 NFL season for the Arizona Cardinals?

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Buffalo Bills Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals fans, I come to you after eating handfuls of antacids and my voice slowly returning. The level of volume that came from my home during the eventual painful loss suffered in Buffalo New York could be registered doors away. I don't know where to start or where to begin, but we'll try to break down this horrible loss.

1) Palmer and the WRs were on different pages

By "different pages" I mean specifically that they were reading different books and that one of them was written in a foreign language.

The number of missed connections and wrong routes make last weeks victory over Tampa Bay seem as if it was a season ago rather than just one week ago.

I have to give credit where credit is due, the one interception by Buffalo Bills CB Stephon Gilmore by his finger tips was amazing. The Honey Badger could learn something from Gilmore's ball skills there.

2) Honey Badger missing a huge turnover opportunity

We all know that Tyrann Mathieu was trying to get the home run recovery and return for a touchdown from Bills QB Tyrod Taylor's fumble. But, in this case, a fumble recovery at that yard line would have been a huge turn around and would have been enough of a home run.

During his three attempts of trying to recover the ball he kicked the ball out of bounds and it ultimately was returned to the Bills. While the Honey Badger has amazing ball skills, his kicking the ball around will more than likely make a blooper reel in a NFL Films gag reel coming soon.

3) The ROTB staff wrote about the keys to success

How is this rant worthy? Well we're amateurs! We're not professionals and we called all of the key items from the game before it started. Don't believe me? Read this article here! Attacking the right side of the line, maybe some TE help? We called it. No TE help. A 3 man rush got a sack on Carson Palmer!!

The Cardinals inability to contain another mobile quarterback and LeSean McCoy who will be the primary focus of the attack? We called it. Buffalo primarily stuck to the run and yet the Cardinals gave up over six yards per carry and could not stop the long third down, just like the New England Patriots game. The run defense is atrocious.

Judging from the three bodies of work that have been displayed by this 2016 team to date this looks like a 9-7 team at best. It appears the big play Cardinals have been exposed and the big plays have been taken away for the most part. Let's see how the approach this week for a very, very tough Los Angeles Rams team who already play the Cardinals tough every time they meet. What's going to happen next week? 2-2? 1-3?

Let us know in the comments below!