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Cardinals cut Christian move Niklas to IR

The Cardinals made two moves on Tuesday, with more to come.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals are struggling to find their identity. On Tuesday they made a handful of moves in hopes of fixing some of their early season problems.

The first move was the announcement that the Cardinals put Tight End Troy Niklas on IR. That ends a season many fans saw potential in. It also likely marks the end of his Cardinals tenure, as he is a frequent visitor on the IR.

The other was the announcement that the Cardinals had released fifth round draft pick, Marquis Christian. Christian had yet to be active for a game this season, but he was a favorite among the fans, and had lived up to his billing of being a big hitter.

If he clears waivers, although it appears unlikely, he seems like he would be an option for the Practice Sqaud.

Kam Canaday was also among the cuts. He was battling a ribs injury, as well as poor performance.

Ryan Quigley was among the nine players to come in for a tryout, so it appears one of the two spots will be his.

In addition, the Arizona Cardinals have released Shaq Riddick from the practice squad and added free agent Cam Johnson.

Stay with ROTB for all the upcoming moves.

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