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Arizona Cardinals Move on From Matt Barkley

The Arizona Cardinals have gone back to only two quarterbacks on their 53 man roster... For now.

Denver Broncos v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The debate was fun and raged on in the Arizona Cardinals community for the entire summer and all of training camp and the preseason, but the debate ends with only one thing occurring. Matt Barkley will be looking for work as an NFL quarterback again.

There are no winners when a guy has to try and find a home again, Barkley performed admirably over his four preseason games, but the odds were always long with the re-signing of Drew Stanton and the extension of Carson Palmer.

While Barkley could make his way to the practice squad, he’ll have to clear waivers as well as deciding if that is what he wants to do this year. Or if he wants to continue on in Arizona where it seems like he won’t get an opportunity outside of an injury.

Barkley finished his preseason Arizona Cardinals career: 50/86 58.1% completions, 630 yards 4 touchdowns and 3 interception for a 82 quarterback rating.

Good luck to Matt in whatever he decides is the next step in his career.