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Arizona Cardinals Winners and Losers from Roster Cuts

While the rosters are not finalized, these are the players who won the early cuts for the Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals v Houston Texans Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Things are going to change on the Arizona Cardinals roster before September 11, 2016 when they take the field for their regular season opener against the New England Patriots.

That means a guy who is winner now, well they could get the axe before game one, which is unfortunate, but we need instant analysis!!!!

Also, I like to take a different look at some things, so here are four winners and four losers from roster cuts for the Arizona Cardinals.

Lamar Louis

He made it, that is a win. He is going to get a chance to improve a bad special teams unit, that is a win and he has some talent at linebacker. That is a lot of wins for an undrafted free agent.

John Wetzel

The lightly talked about tackle is going to get a shot to be the Bradley Sowell swing tackle for now. Wetzel was not heavily covered, but this is the type of player that goes out there and continues to play well, especially in the run game.

Olsen Pierre

What a huge upset as Pierre outlasted veteran Red Bryant for the defensive line position. The Cardinals ended up keeping nine defensive lineman, something that is almost unheard of on a 3-4 team, but Pierre has played well.

Gabe Martin

Martin has been someone that has continually grown as a player, so it is great to see him make the roster. He has been a guy that works hard and contributes in multiple ways.

One extra winner

Drew Stanton

The story remains the same, the staff trusts Stanton. Fans do not. Tough but this preseason shows what he does on the field won’t change their feelings.

Four Losers from Roster Cuts

Jaxon Shipley

Shipley had a tough road ahead of him, yet he looked like he came on late. It didn’t matter, as it seems like the Arizona Cardinals are comfortable with injuries to John Brown and J.J. Nelson, meaning Shipley was expendable.

Brittan Golden

See above for Golden. He battled through some injuries, but he looked good, but this team felt like needs were elsewhere.

Kerwynn Williams

Williams just got beat out, that’s the result of the NFL some times. If you told me that the Cardinals would be adding an new running back, who would have thought Penny over Williams in July? (Good work Andy!)

Matt Barkley

It made sense to some of us, it made no sense to others, but the reality always seemed to be that Barkley was playing against a stacked deck. He played well in the last preseason game, but that was not enough to change things.

Who are your winners and losers?