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Revenge of the Birds Fantasy Football

The Revenge of the Birds league drafts tonight, don't miss it!

A reminder call for all of those participating in a Yahoo! Fantasy Football league with Revenge of the Birds, our draft is tonight!

Make sure you can draft from you home computer or mobile device by logging in here.

Also, the draft time was changed because I am terrible with time zones, our draft will start at 9pm EST/6pm PST.

Seattle Birdgang

BA's Parking Spot

The Chandler Jonez

The Heavy Chevy

Arizona Tornado

Barkley Barely

Motley Crew

3rd String QBotF


Redbird Thunder

Desert Devilry

Gronkey Punch (That's me)

Draft order will be decided before the draft and we'll post the results and any highlights from the thread in here for all the world to make fun of.

Look forward to the trash talk and competition.