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Vegas Odds 2016: All In On The Arizona Cardinals

I recently took a trip to Vegas and put some money down on the Arizona Cardinals and their anticipated success.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Round these parts, we are very excited about the Arizona Cardinals and their potential for a big season that (hopefully) results in a Super Bowl victory.

Las Vegas bookies, however, don't seem to be as high on the team as the rest of us are.

I recently returned from a trip to Vegas. I lost money on the various games they offer, per the usual, but I am hoping to win some of that back.

While there, I visited one of the local casinos that offered sports betting to check out the lines. Below are three of the lines I found.

Naturally, I had to put some money down on the Cardinals -6 (the line had changed from 5.5) defeating the Patriots on opening night. No Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski is questionable with a hamstring injury and the Cardinals are at home? Yeah, I'll give that one a go.

On top of that, I put some additional money down (they wouldn't let me parlay :( ) on the Cardinals winning over 10.5 games, which came in at a -135.

I decided not to put any money on the Cardinals winning the Super Bowl, which were placed at 10/1 odds. It's not that I don't have any faith, it's just that a bet like that is so volatile and I just wasn't feeling it. Feel free to kill me for that in the comments section.

So there you have it, folks. Now can we kick this season off already?