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Week 17 NFL TV Maps

What games will you be watching the last weekend of the regular season?

Welcome to the last Sunday with all these wonderful NFL games. For Arizona Cardinals fans, it is especially depressing, knowing our favorite team is going to be... At home.

You can still enjoy some games this weekend though, starting with the CBS Early game.

Most of the US will be enjoying the Patriots at the Dolphins, as that is the red throughout the country.

Blue, well that is the Browns at Pittsburgh, those specks of green are the Jags at the Colts, the small yellow is the Bills and Jets, while the orange is Houston at Tennessee.

Surprisingly, the light blue is the Ravens at the Bengals.

On the CBS late game, most of you will enjoy the Raiders at the Broncos, while the small few of you will be watching the Chiefs at the Chargers.

The Fox early games are heavy Dallas Cowboys, as usual.

The Fox late game is the NFC East show, no one outside of LA and Arizona will get to enjoy the Arizona Cardinals game.

Enjot the games.