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Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams: What to watch

What to watch in the final Arizona Cardinals game of the season.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It is the last game of the season, there is nothing but pride on the line for the Arizona Cardinals and they are playing a team who seems to have checked out.

There's not much that can be gained from today, outside of seeing what certain players have to offer, as Tyler so well explained on Friday.

Yet, for Arizona Cardinals fans, there are certain things to watch for that can lead to some easy decisions for the armchair general managers this offseason.

Here's what to watch in today's season finale:

Does Arizona need another corner?

Seems like an easy yes, but how much can you invest in the position? Marcus Cooper is likely gone this offseason to make room for Brandon Williams to take the reins. Will he be ready? Is Justin Bethel's work in the slot worth keeping him there moving forward? Taking corner off the “need" list would be a great start to the offseason.

Campbell, Jones or both?

Who would you bring back? Campbell seems like the more important player, Jones plays the more important position. It's also conceivable to bring them both back, but that limits moves elsewhere.

Wile and Catanzaro or start over?

We've seen Wile for a couple games and… No complaints. Meanwhile, Catanzaro is in the worst season of his career, but he also has shown to be downright automatic when he is on. Two you, big legged kickers could be a nice option, but are they reliable enough?

Enjoy Larry Fitzgerald, just in case

Just… enjoy the veteran and his chance at locking up the receptions title in potentially, but hopefully not, his last game.

Go David Johnson!!!

What will you be watching?