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Four players from the National Championship Game who would look great as Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals could use a couple of the players from last night.

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Clemson vs Alabama Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It was a game for the ages, one we will be talking about for the next decade, comparing every other College Football Championship with.

It also gave us an amazing look at some of the prospects that could fit nicely in the Arizona Cardinals first round pick.

Here were the top four prospects coming out of the game.

Reuben Foster: NaVarro Bowman, Patrick Willis, these were the names evoked by Foster’s play in the National Championship game.

Foster could be a legitimate difference maker on the defensive side of the ball, a player that is the centerpiece of a great defense for the next decade.

DeShaun Watson: There's not much else to say about Watson. He's literally done everything you want a quarterback to do in college.

He has his flaws. His arm isn't special, he's not a big guy, he's been injured, but man. That kid seems like he could be special.

Mike Williams: I maintain he's Michael Floyd as a prospect, but that's not a bad thing. Can he take the step Floyd never did? Can he improve as a route runner and a player who can win before and after the catch?

He's a dynamic 50/50 player, can he become more?

O.J. Howard: I have been on the Howard to AZ bandwagon for two seasons now.

He is a freak of nature, a very good blocking tight end and one of the best receiving tight ends we've seen come out of college football.

With the way the Arizona offense is trending, getting a reliable blocking tight end who can be a big play machine in the passing game would be a great fit.

Who struggled?

Tim Williams: Older pass rusher didn't look like the explosive force we were expecting.

Jon Allen: I'm not a huge Allen fan, I think he's a good player, I don't see elite prospect. Where was he last night?

The Corners: Ugh.

What did you think?