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Bruce Arians has done everything for the Arizona Cardinals... Except prepare them for the future

Arians one issue as an Arizona Cardinals head coach has been not preparing for life after Palmer.

NFL: St. Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

What the Arizona Cardinals have done under Bruce Arians is nothing short of remarkable for their history.

Since taking over in 2013, Arians has led the Arizona Cardinals to a 41-22-1 record.

He has done everything to not just turn around the franchise, but create a culture that expects winning.

While all of that is great, the 64 year old Arians has one legacy yet to create and it will be perhaps his most important for Cardinals fans.

What Arians has created is important, it has bred a winning belief within the team, it has created an aura of self awareness and expectations that we have not seen before from this franchise.

Yet, the man called the quarterback whisperer has been awfully quiet in the quarterback department.

Oh sure, he turned around Carson Palmer and has made him a quarterback you can win with, but all of the hard work and goodwill built up by Arians will go away quickly if he goes down the Ken Whisenhunt quarterback carousel post Palmer.

Arians is entering his fifth offseason with the Cardinals, he has hand picked Drew Stanton at quarterback, but from there they have been shopping at garage sales, looking for that bargain like they got with Carson Palmer.

Except, that hasn’t happened.

This offseason, as the end of the window for Carson Palmer era closes, they need to find out their heir apparent, or at least bring in someone that can be an option.

If they do not, well, let’s not think about that right now.