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Los Angeles Rams have made the NFC West more competitive with their new hire

The Arizona Cardinals division just got better.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the new NFC West.

After years of Jeff Fisher at the helm, good drafts that led to really nothing, the Rams made the move to save their franchise and hopefully get out of the mediocrity they've been mired in since 2012.

They drafted Jared Goff, who didn't look good in his short time, but can that really be pinned on him?

Now, they have turned the page to a young, intelligent offensive mind in Sean McVay, the 30 year old wunderkind, who helped pull two quality seasons out of Kirk Cousins in Washington.

Maybe that assists them in developing Goff, maybe that was part of the requirements to getting the job in Los Angeles.

One thing they always had, one reason they consistently found ways to beat the Cardinals over those five Fisher seasons, the Cardinals only swept the Rams one time, 2014, in the Fisher era, was a physical defense with talented individual players.

Now, they have one of the best defensive minds in NFL history pairing with that fast and physical defense with their hiring of Wade Phillips.

While I don't see it having an impact on the Rams ranking within the division in 2017, they have been a thorn in the Arizona Cardinals side the last five seasons with mediocrity.

Hopefully this isn't the Rams getting it right, because that just makes the NFC West even more competitive moving forward. Of course, competition breeds success, so maybe this will keep the Arizona Cardinals on their toes moving forward and not resting on what they've accomplished recently.