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DJ Becomes A Dad

The Cardinals Running Back Announces His Son's Birth On Instagram

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There's not really anything "football" related in this story, but sometimes it's nice to have positive, non-football related content to look over in the midst of the dull parts of the offseason.

And one such story is how David Johnson's family just got one person bigger.

Johnson took to Instagram today to announce the birth of his son, who was delivered earlier this evening.

Sometimes, as fans, it's best to remember the simple fact that players are ultimately people, and like people have whole other cares, concerns, hopes and dreams.

Originally, Johnson's wife's delivery date was much closer to the Pro Bowl, to the point where Michael Bidwill was potentially going to fly Johnson and his wife out to the Pro Bowl on his private jet.  Since his MCL sprain meant that he could not play, however, Johnson was more than able to witness the birth of his son.

And now the best player on the Cardinals this past season has a whole new set of those hopes, fears and dreams. And hey, maybe in a few decades we'll be talking about where "D.J. Jr." will go in the NFL Draft.

For all of us here at Revenge of the Birds, we wish David & his wife our utmost congratulations.