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Arizona Cardinals Earl Watford a free agent to avoid this offseason

Pro Football Focus does not see Watford as a strong option in free agency

New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

For the 2017 NFL offseason the Arizona Cardinals have a plethora of free agents, yet to Pro Football Focus, some of those free agents should be avoided.

One of those players to avoid, according to Pro Football Focus, is Earl Watford, from the article:

PFF rating: 33.9, 77th of 80

Watford was asked to play all over the Arizona offensive line, which probably contributed to his poor play, but his ratings have never been very strong, topping out at a 57.4 two years ago.

To his credit, the Cardinals’ linemen face a tough task with a deep-drop offense and more empty sets than any other team, according to ESPN. Still, the 26-year-old linemen performed well below replacement level under those circumstances.

Many, myself included, were hoping to see Watford breakout in 2016, yet he never took that step.

He may, forever, be a backup, utility offensive lineman, not a guy who can start for you, more than a spot.

Which would explain why the Arizona Cardinals spent so much time giving other players, John Wetzel and Ulrick John, playing time over Watford.

What do you think, is Watford someone to avoid if you are looking for a starter?

Would you like to see the Cardinals spend some money on him to bring him back in a backup role this offseason?