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What we learned from the Shrine Game practices

Justin and Seth talk Shrine Game with Jeff Risdon and Emory Hunt

NCAA Football: Florida Atlantic at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With the Shrine Game coming up on Saturday, the Draft Breakdown podcast had to get some live updates from Tampa Bay.

There is no two people we would rather have on the show to discuss the goings on than Jeff Risdon of Texans and Browns Wire as well as Real GM and Emory Hunt of Football Gameplan.

We started off with Jeff, talking about the quarterback position.

From there we hit on the rumor mill and what Jeff was hearing at the practices.

Next, we discussed the biggest surprise and the biggest disappointment of the week.

Finally, Jeff hedged his bets with what player in attendance would be drafted first.

To wrap up the last 45 minutes of the show, Seth and I talked with Emory.

We hit on some of the same questions, but also got what position groups were the strongest and weakest.

Who is getting too much hype?

Finally, what were some hot takes and Emory dropped some knowledge.

All of that and more on this weeks episode. Enjoy.