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The argument for wide receiver at 13 for the Arizona Cardinals

Making the argument for the Arizona Cardinals to draft a wide receiver at 13.

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There is a growing sentiment that the Arizona Cardinals need to take a wide receiver with their first pick in the 2017 NFL Draft if the right one is there.

The two that seem to be at the top of everyone’s list for the Cardinals is Mike Williams, the Clemson standout and Corey Davis, maybe the most complete wide receiver in the 2017 NFL Draft class.

I will give everyone my thoughts on these players a little later, but if that is what people want at the 13th pick in the draft, I wanted to give my reason to why this could be a strong pick.

First, the Cardinals desperately need talent at the wide receiver position, a strong, consistent performer at wide receiver that can work inside and out, would be ideal, but they need someone who can do something similar to Fitzgerald, but with a little more athleticism.

Second, the Cardinals need an impact player in the draft. Is that a wide receiver? Maybe, maybe not, but with the injuries and uncertainty at the position, it would be expected that a Williams or Davis would be able to contribute quickly.

Third, it sets up the future as well as helping in the present.

Whether Fitz is back in 2017 or not does not negate the fact that they will need help at the wide receiver position in 2018.

If they draft well at wide receiver in 2017, then they will set up Carson Palmer for help in 2017 but also for Palmer’s replacement in 2018.

It could help the transition, it could make the next step even easier for the Arizona Cardinals.

While wide receiver is not where I would go in the first round, the pick would not be without merit.