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Arizona Cardinals on 'Rocket Man', Tony Jefferson and more

News on the Arizona Cardinals and the final four playoff teams.

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Happy Championship Game Sunday to one and all.

You'll notice, I am going to be putting an emphasis on FanPosts, write them and you'll end up on the homepage.

Also, enjoy the games.

Grab a beer, cook up some chili and have a great day.

Aaron Rodgers is ‘Rocket Man’ in Cardinals locker room | Cards Wire
The red-hot quarterback has earned a ton of respect from the Cardinals.

Cardinals S Tony Jefferson prepared for free agency using Madden NFL 17 | Cards Wire
He tests out some uniform looks for other teams to see if they look good on him.

Cardinals executive Terry McDonough might have another GM shot with Colts’ opening | Cards Wire
With a new vacancy, the Cardinals executive potentially has another shot at e GM job.

Notes from the AFC Championship Game

Teammates and coaches explain how Tom Brady has grown up over the years - Pats Pulpit
The Patriots quarterback has gone from a nobody to the GOAT. Here’s how.

What new NFL head coaches can learn from the Bill Belichick blueprint - Pats Pulpit
New hires would be wise to look at the best head coach in the league.

Outlining just how different the Steelers and Patriots are since their Week 7 matchup - Behind the Steel Curtain
The Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots game is a rematch of their Week 7 game at Heinz Field, but there are a lot of differences between then and now. We take a look at those differences.

Why a secondary offensive weapon will be the X-Factor for the Steelers vs. the Patriots - Behind the Steel Curtain
When talking about the Steelers and Patriots, a lot of factors could impact the overall outcome of the game. But there’s one true X-Factor for the Black-and-Gold this Sunday.

Notes from the NFC Championship Game

"Only in Green Bay" - Packers TE Jared Cook describes his first playoff season - Acme Packing Company
View the FanShot on SB Nation.

NFC Championship Q&A: On Matt Ryan, Julio Jones’ injury, & defending the Packers’ running backs - Acme Packing Company
As the Packers and Falcons finish their preparations for their game on Sunday, we do the same thanks to some help from our brethren covering Atlanta.

Prayer and other methods of stopping Aaron Rodgers: A discussion with Acme Packing Company - The Falcoholic
We asked five questions, and Evan "Tex" Western of Acme Packing Company answered.

What the haters got wrong about Matt Ryan and the Falcons offense - The Falcoholic
Matt Ryan has earned first-team All Pro honors and probably the MVP award, and he’s also earned your respect.