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Larry Fitzgerald needs to give the Cardinals one more chance

The veteran receiver needs to make one more run with the Arizona Cardinals.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Since being drafted in 2004, Larry Fitzgerald has been more important to the Arizona Cardinals than anyone in their history. Now, he sits and ponders if this is the end, and we the fans wait.

Larry has been the face of this franchise for so long, including his consecutive catch streak, currently at 195, it is unfathomable to see an Arizona Cardinals game without seeing 11 on the field.

In fact, how many teams get to appreciate a player for over a decade, little alone appreciate one of the best players not only at his position, but in the NFL for that much time?

So, say Fitz decides it is time to walk away after this disappointing season of 7-8-1, what does this mean?

First, it would mean one of the greatest wide receivers, one of the greates Cardinals players, and wonderful human-being would walk away from the game.

With Larry missing, the Cardinals would then have to rely on the likes of John Brown, J.J. Nelson, Jaron Brown, Brittan Golden, and some other names on the Cardinals wide receiver depth chart.

That also means the Cardinals have to invest in another wide receiver. Say the Cardinals spend a first round pick on a WR like Clemson's Mike Williams or Western Michigan's Corey Davis or anyone else for that matter, are they really going to replace the impact Larry Fitzgerald has had on this team production and leadership wise?

Finally, Larry would retire from the game without getting the last thing he really wants, a Super Bowl ring.

Imagine you get the same Carson Palmer from the last half of the year, and yes he will be back unless he retires too, an offensive line with a little more continuity, and the impact defense Cardinals fans know and love... Plus, hopefully better special teams play. Couldn't the Cardinals contend and possibly have a chance to make another run at a Super Bowl?

Now take Larry Fitzgerald out of that equation, do you think with a rookie WR or even a veteran replacement WR in free agency, would the Cardinals be a Super Bowl team?

Now, this is not saying the Cardinals will win the Super Bowl or even make it to the Super Bowl, but their chances of getting there are much higher with number 11 being in a Cardinals jersey for one more year.

For those reason I hope Larry gives us one more year.