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Can the Arizona Cardinals find their quarterback of the future in the 2017 offseason?

A look at potential quarterbacks for 2017.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

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Today, JkH wanted to give you his thoughts on the possible quarterback’s of the future for the Arizona Cardinals.

When the offseason began, questions arose from the media about the quarterback situation, and we automatically assumed that the situation would be pushed back like the previous few seasons.

This very well could be the last year of the Carson Palmer-Bruce Arians-Larry Fitzgerald (pending unexpected retirement), and everyone is expecting the next step for the Cardinals to start now. Should it be through free agency, the NFL draft, or through the waiver wire, the Cardinals should address the possible departure now.

He could be on the roster:

It was week 14, and the Cardinals had just suffered a loss to the emerging Dolphins. The Dolphins had lost their starting quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, and they began to search for a replacement. The Dolphins tried to sign from the Cardinals practice squad, but ended up signing T.J. Yates when the deal fell through.

The quarterback they were trying to sign was Zac Dysert, someone who had been with the Dolphins roster for the entire offseason in 2016, but couldn't quite catch on with them.

When the Cardinals decided to match the offer for Dysert, it showed that they were interested in the prospect of Dysert. The Cardinals currently have three quarterbacks on the roster, with Drew Stanton as their main backup. I don't think it's too big of an assumption to know that Drew Stanton is a career backup, but maybe Dysert will have a different path.

After enduring a very challenging begining to his career, Dysert hasn't been on a stable team. He was drafted in the 7th round in the 2013 draft, but was the backup for Peyton Manning and Brock Osweiler. Ever since, he was a practice squad regular for the Broncos, Bears, Texans, and Bills.

Free agency is very weak:

If Carson Palmer were to retire, we could see the potential of the Cardinals going after Kirk Cousins, but Palmer seems set on coming back. Either way, the top free agent (if he doens't get franchised) will definetly see a pay upgrade. I don't think the Cardinals could afford $24M-$26M, which is the estimated increase.

Beyond Cousins, I can see the potential of a very disappointing free agency class, and no one really stands out. Mike Glennon, Landry Jones, Geno Smith, Matt McGloin, Ryan Nassib, and E.J. Manuel are potential young prospects that could be targeted.

Then you look at the older quarterbacks in free agency, and I am not impressed. The likes of Ryan Fitzpatrick and Case Keenum reminds me of the current situation with Drew Stanton. As it would not be an upgrade, since he is still a solid and serviceable backup.

The younger options seem more appealing, they don't really cost as much as Palmer or Cousins. I don't think Fitzpatrick will cost as much as last year, mainly because he was lackluster all year.

Manuel was the disappointment that was bred from the poor choices from Doug Whaley. The best case scenario is Landry Jones, someone who has started for the Steelers, and doesn't seem to miss a beat when he has taken over for Roethlisberger.

The draft has upside?:

When the Cardinals draft at the 13th selection this year, they will either take a reach, or they will pass on quarterback. In a recent mock draft for, Chad Reuter placed three quarterbacks in the top-10; Deshaun Watson (Clemson), Mitch Trubisky (North Carolina), and DeShone Kizer (Notre Dame).

If those three quarterbacks are gone, someone could reach into the bottom half of the first round and select the next best quarterback. Many believe that Patrick Mahomes II (Texas Tech) is the fourth quarterback, with Brad Kaaya (Miami (Fla.)) and C.J. Beathard (Iowa) coming in after him. I see Kansas City, Houston, and the New York Giants being target teams.

The Cardinals should NOT select Mahomes, Kaaya, or Beathard at 13. If they were able to secure a trade further back, it wouldn't be such a "reach". I think this draft has plenty of upside, so you could get a quarterback in the latter rounds. It wouldn't be a surprise to see those quarterbacks mentioned gone by then, so we would be talking about round 3-4.

Chad Kelly had a very rocky college career, so I ruled him out. Bruce Arians and Steve Keim seem very keen on "high character guys". If Kelly is available at round 7, maybe then he would be worth the risk.

We are talking about Nathan Peterman (Pittsburgh) perhaps in round 3, Davis Webb (California) in round 4, Jerod Evans (Virginia Tech) possibly in round 4, Cooper Rush (Central Michigan) also in round 4, and Brady Gustafson (Montana) conceivably in round 5. All of these candidates have potential, but Bruce Arians would need to take the time to develop them.


We can talk all day about the quarterback position, and we will until something major happens. This is the offseason to focus on the next step for the Cardinals quarterback future. I hope everyone enjoyed the article, make sure to subscribe to keep up on all Cardinals developments.