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Davis Webb Scouting Report: A Wing and a prayer

Davis Webb has the arm, but does he have anything else to offer the NFL?

NCAA Football: UCLA at California Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Davis Webb


2013: 226/361 2718 YDS 20 TD 9 INT
2014: 211/345 2539 YDS 24 TD 13 INT
2016: 382/620 4295 YDS 37 TD 12 INT
Career: 841/1367 9852 YDS 83 TD 34 INT

Webb’s journey to Cal has been a roller coaster filled with plenty of highs and lows, including being "Wally Pipped" out of a starting role. In 2013, Webb became the first true freshman to start at quarterback in Texas Tech history, and concluded the season with a Holiday Bowl MVP. Webb was named the starter in 2014 only to get injured eight games into the season, opening the door for Patrick Mahomes II, who never relinquished the starting position back to Webb.

Webb came to Cal as a graduate transfer with the daunting task of following Pac 12 record setting quarterback, Jared Goff.

Physical (8):

Webb will check all the boxes from a physical standpoint. He stands 6’5” and 230 pounds and will be 22 at draft time. The only measurement that is less than ideal is his hand size (9 1/8") but that hasn't been an issue in terms of fumbles or ball velocity.

Arm Strength (7):

Webb has plus arm strength and is able to push the ball to all parts of the field. He has shown the ability to push the ball into tight windows inside the hashes as well into the pockets of a cover two.

Accuracy (6):

Webb is very effective with the short-to-intermediate throws that are a staple of the Air Raid offense. He displays solid accuracy down the field to the edges but will get off kilter when he gets antsy in the pocket or relies on his arm.

Touch (7):

Webb has a great understanding of what type of ball is needed in situations. He has plenty of arm strength to drive the ball to the edge of the field and between the hashes. Has great touch on deep balls and throws a very catchable ball.

Set Up/Delivery/Release (7):

Webb stands tall in the pocket while holding the ball in a secure position near his chest plate which allows him to have a short and compact delivery. The ball comes out of his hand clean and he does a great job of positioning his feet and shoulder on the majority of his throws.

Scrambling (5.5):

Webb is effective in the pocket, sliding around and into the holes to make throws. He is effective enough to get yards with his legs when needed but he better have plenty of grass in front of him.

Pocket Presence/Poise/Decision Making/Football IQ (6):

Webb is a mature quarterback and it shows on tape. He moves confidently in the pocket when going through his progressions. The Air Raid offense requires quarterbacks to read the pre snap coverage, and many quarterbacks from the system can get trapped by a disguised defense. Webb showed this during the Washington State game much like his predecessor Goff did. Webb has a gun slinger mentality and has played with a plus arm his whole life, which causes him to be a little jumpy and throw off his back foot more than one would like.

Overall (46.5/70):

Webb capitalized on his opportunity this season with the Cal Bears. He took over for Goff and the Bears offense didn’t miss a beat, even though their team had a young roster and played catch up often this season. Webb has the size that NFL teams look for with a mature build due to his age. He is a prototypical pocket passer who will hang in the pocket as long as possible to throw the ball since he doesn’t have the most mobility. Webb is able to reach all parts of the field with his arm with sufficient velocity. He has a tendency to hang on his backside at times, or throw off-balance when on the move, which takes away from his accuracy and ball speed. He will be compared to other tall quarterbacks to come out recently - Brock Osweiler for example - but Webb has a better arm and is not the athlete Osweiler is. Webb has shown a better skill set during his time at both Texas Tech and Cal. He is currently in Mobile at the Senior Bowl where he has a chance to showcase his talent for two quarterback needy teams in Cleveland and Chicago. He has similar traits to Jay Cutler in Chicago so he could possibly gain steam as a third round-area draft pick and be groomed to take over that position.