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2017 Super Bowl News and Notes

A look around SB Nation on news fro the two teams matching up in the Super Bowl.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

For the rest of the week, you can find all the information you want on the Super Bowl from our sister sites on SB Nation, and I will be bringing you links everyday.

You'll still have all the Arizona Cardinals news and notes in the morning as well, but I thought for one week, if you want to, enjoy the rest of the NFL season.

Notes from The Falcoholic

How Alex Mack has helped transform the Falcons offense - The Falcoholic
He’s been the linchpin for a resurgent offensive line.

Matt Bryant happy to miss Pro Bowl to play in Super Bowl 51 instead - The Falcoholic
Of course he is.

QB Coach Matt LaFleur may join Kyle Shanahan in San Francisco - The Falcoholic
The Sacramento Bee suspects LaFleur may fill in the 49ers coaching staff.

The Falcons have overcome significant injuries to get to Super Bowl 51 - The Falcoholic
Congratulations, Falcons.

Jonathan Babineaux, Matt Ryan among long-tenured Falcons going to first Super Bowl - The Falcoholic
It’s a short list of Falcons who have played here more than five years, but every one of them is extremely deserving of a Super Bowl ring.

Why Dan Quinn’s success is no fluke - The Falcoholic
Coaching matters.

On Expectations, Success, and the Future - The Falcoholic
The Falcons have made franchise history on the back of a magical season. How did we get here, and where can we go in the future?

Notes from Pats Pulpit

Super Bowl LI Patriots vs Falcons: New England has perfect practice attendance for second straight day - Pats Pulpit
All players on the roster were present for today’s session.

Sam Adams and Sweetwater Brewery are in a Super Bowl beer war - Pats Pulpit
The Massachusetts and Atlanta breweries have made a Super Bowl bet that goes way beyond normal bets.

Sunday NFL Thoughts: Tom Brady is much better in Super Bowl than AFC Championship Game - Pats Pulpit
Also, Julian Edelman can leave his mark on Patriots history with another great performance.

Former Jets WR Keyshawn Johnson insults Patriots receivers with a ridiculous claim - Pats Pulpit
Johnson made a ridiculous claim on a radio station in Atlanta.

Super Bowl 2017: Patriots, Falcons pillaged the Browns for Super Bowl talent - Pats Pulpit
The Cleveland Browns have reached the Super Bowl...they’re just playing for a different team

Patriots credit Seattle Seahawks game for initiating Super Bowl run - Pats Pulpit
The Patriots lost at home to the Seattle Seahawks. They haven’t lost again.