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Arizona Cardinals get to keep Vice President Terry McDonough

With the San Francisco 49ers interesting hire at General Manager, the Arizona Cardinals keep their staff intact.

Cincinnati Bengals v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

After a really long wait for the San Francisco 49ers to make their hire at general manager, they dropped a bomb late Sunday night with their hiring of John Lynch.

While we will keep updated on just what the heck the San Francisco 49ers are doing, it is a nice win for the Arizona Cardinals.

McDonough has been part of the Arizona Cardinals rebuild under Steve Keim and Bruce Arians.

He has been the Vice President of Player Personnel for the last three seasons.

He is in charge of and oversees both the college and pro personnel departments for the Arizona Cardinals, where they have done a nice job creating a competitive roster the last four seasons.

With all the General Manager spots filled, it will be likely another year before the Arizona Cardinals have to worry about losing McDonough to another opening.

What do you think Arizona Cardinals fans?

Outside of the absurdly out of the blue hire of John Lynch, is this a good thing for the Arizona Cardinals?