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Arizona Cardinals get their quarterback of the future in 2017 NFL Mock Draft

The Cardinals can’t pass on their potential franchise passer in the first mock draft of 2017.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Southern California Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Honestly, this segment was not supposed to start for another month.

Yet, here we are, one week after the regular season has ended and the Arizona Cardinals are at home, and their fans, we the fans, are sitting on our couches, phones, computers getting all the information we can about the 2017 NFL Draft.

As is accustomed, Friday’s will be mock draft walk through.

If you are unfamiliar, here it is.

I go to Fan Speak, use one of their big boards available, CBS Sports this time, then let the simulation run.

I don’t restart.

I don’t try and make scenarios fit.

I go through it like it is a real draft and I am the GM for the Arizona Cardinals.

Then, I make a pick.

I know about 75 players right now, but I know about 40 well right now, so this week is going to be a two round mock.

Next week, will be a two or three round mock. The goal every week, try to get different scenarios to play out.

This week, the quarterback of Bruce Arians dreams fell into my lap at 13, so we took him and started to prepare for the future.

If I have the time, I’ll copy and paste the board so you all can see it and then criticize.

Here’s the board in round one:

13: Deshone Kizer, QB Notre Dame

The Cardinals get the best quarterback prospect, prospect, in the draft. I prefer DeShaun Watson as a player right now, but in Bruce Arians offense, the untapped potential and upside is amazing with Kizer.

He would energize the fanbase and set up the Arizona Cardinals moving forward.

Both inside backers, the litany of corners and wide receivers made this a little tougher, cause all of those players could make day one impacts, but Kizer... Give me.

Round two presented a much tougher test, because I loved Kizer, yet now I am stuck. Do I “reach” for a tight end, a need for the Cardinals, get another corner for the crew or draft a position that is not a need, but where the talent lies?

Honestly, I picked the kid I like the best out of this group, at a semi position of need, to help the team as much as possible now but also moving forward.

45: Dan Feeney, OG Indiana

The Cardinals need health, but they also need young, cheap talent on their offensive line. Feeney can slot in at right guard for the next five years, and along with D.J. Humphries and Evan Boehm, present a solid young core to build around post Palmer, which likely could be post Veldheer and Iupati.

With who was available, who would you take?