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Aaron Rodgers Throws another Hail Mary! Arizona Cardinals fans have nightmarish flashbacks

Aaron Rodgers is really good at football.

Wild Card Round - New York Giants v Green Bay Packers Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It was almost a year ago when Aaron Rodgers seemingly willed the Green Bay Packers to an overtime against the Arizona Cardinals.

It happened because he hit two Hail Mary’s in the final drive of regulation.

Well, he’s at it again in the playoffs, as Aaron Rodgers hits Randall Cobb with another answered prayer just before half to give the Green Bay Packers a 14-6 lead.

It is another in a long line of amazing plays by Rodgers that has set him apart as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.

Yet, his flair for the dramatic is what makes him so fun to watch, or hard to watch if you are a fan of the team he is playing against.

You never can be comfortable with 12 on the field, and that is exactly why.

We will see if it is the deciding factor in the game, but man, we are lucky to get to watch him do his thing.