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San Francisco 49ers @ Arizona Cardinals 2nd Half Game thread

The Cardinals and 49ers are tied at 6-6. Can Arizona find a way to pull it out?

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

After two quarters of play, the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers are tied at 6-6.

The first half showed the warts for each team.

The Cardinals offensive line may be the worst unit in the NFL, while the 49ers quarterback Brian Hoyer is doing a nice job of reminding Cardinals fans that it could be worse.

Carson Palmer was... okay.

He made the one boneheaded play that we have come to expect every game, but for the most part he has been on point.

His receivers have not, three drops in the game have hurt this team.

At the half:

Carson Palmer - 15/27 183 yards 1TD 1INT
Chris Johnson - 7 carries 16 yards
Andre Ellington - 4 carries 17 yards 4 catches 40 yards
Jaron Brown - 2 catches 51 yards
Olsen Pierre - 1 sack
Antoine Bethea - 1 interception

Let’s hope the Cardinals offense can find their stride in the second half and pull out a big win to keep pace with the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC West.