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Arizona Cardinals trade for Adrian Peterson makes sense, even if it does not work

The Cardinals needed a change in the backfield and are hoping Adrian Peterson can turn back the clock.

New Orleans Saints v Carolina Panthers Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

It was an interesting Tuesday for the Arizona Cardinals.

They made a trade for a big name running back who hasn’t performed well in over two years and the move for Adrian Peterson resulted in mixed reactions from the fans and media.

The reality is, the Cardinals had to do something and the brass, right or wrong we will find out, chose to go the route of proven veteran on the obvious downside of their career.

However, the trade makes sense for a couple of reason.

  1. The Cardinals desperately need help in the running game.

Over the last 30 years in the NFL, the lowest output from a team in terms of rushing in a season was 1,062 yards by the 1-15 San Diego Chargers in 2000. The Chargers were led by Ryan Leaf, that season and their leading rusher on offense was a player by the name of Terrell Fletcher.

The Cardinals have 259 yards on the ground through five games. For those of you who do not math, the Cardinals are on pace for 828 yards rushing… As a team… for an entire season. In 2016 there were 18 players who rushed for more yardage by themselves.

It would shatter the 2000 Chargers record for futility over the last 30 years by 234 yards. This is a historically bad rushing offense.

2. It can’t get worse.

While the reality is it can always get worse, Adrian Peterson has averaged 3 yards per carry in 2017 on 27 carries. That would put him second on the Cardinals in rushing at this point. So, it really seems hard to believe it can get worse.

What does Peterson have left? I brought in outside help to give us an idea. That will be up later this week.

For now, at least the Cardinals are trying to make moves… Whether or not they work is to be seen.