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Who are the Arizona Cardinals building blocks?

Who would you call the building blocks for the Arizona Cardinals?

Arizona Cardinals v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

If you look at the Arizona Cardinals roster coming out of the 2015 season, there was little question to who you would say were the Arizona Cardinals building blocks moving forward.

Everyone knew the end of the Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald era is near, Calais Campbell was coming due for a new contract.

That meant you knew there was some turnover coming, but you felt comfortable with who you had in house.

Now, two short years later, the question is a much, much more difficult one to answer.

Who would be your building blocks moving forward for the Arizona Cardinals?

Not too much analysis, answer in the comments, look forward to the discussion.


David Johnson - The obvious building block of the roster, is it a good thing in today’s NFL that the clear cut best offensive player on your roster is a running back?

Jaron Brown - Brown gives you a reliable third wide receiver.

J.J. Nelson - Nelson gives you a reliable fourth wide receiver.

Can you say D.J. Humphries at this point? I guess from an investment standpoint, yes, but have we seen enough to warrant this as a non-need?

That is it on the offense for me.


Xavier Williams - Nose tackle, young, can get some upfield push, I think the cost controlled aspect, the positional aspect make him appealing.

Chandler Jones - Obvious.

Haason Reddick - Only five games, but you see the talent.

Markus Golden - Despite the knee injury, Golden/Jones/Reddick is an incredibly talented and diverse group of linebackers to have.

Patrick Peterson - Duh.

I am troubled by what to make of Deone Bucannon right now. He feels like he is still trying to find his way back, but last year looked similar to the very little we have seen this year.

Tyrann Mathieu? Budda Baker?

Anyone else?

Right now I’d say it is the seven listed and potentially nine players with Humphries and Drone if they get back healthy.

Is this a problem?