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Arizona Cardinals Mailbag: Everyone wants a new cornerback

You asked, we answered. The Arizona Cardinals mailbag with Revenge of the Birds.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It took a week, but we finally got enough questions to have a robust and enjoyable mailbag.

Let’s get to it.

Mike from Phoenix:

Why is #28 Bethel still starting in CB. There has to be another CB that we can try out Williams.. He’s getting beat every week!!C mon B.A.! Bench Him. Look at film, when he gets beat his body language is he don't care!

I wouldn’t say he doesn’t care, I would say he is trying to figure out how to play the position. Of course, in year six that is a bit concerning, but I think that is what the body language is… Frustration, the idea of… Here we go again.

This week it seems like Tramon Williams will get an opportunity to make a difference opposite Patrick Peterson. We shall see if it improves the defense, especially against a good Rams offense.

David from El Paso:

With the run game being addressed, when will the team address the corner opposite P2? Last season was special teams This year we are back at it again.

Yikes, y’all are tired of Justin Bethel, huh? Look, Bethel has been bad. According to Pro Football Focus, he has allowed six touchdowns on the season, which is a lot. However, most of Bethel’s touchdowns come off of big plays. That doesn’t excuse it, it just, he is not getting beat for 10 catches 125 yards and a touchdown every game.

There are other issues on the defense: Bad pass rush, bad slot corner play, bad pass rush, that all play a role. Bethel is just the whipping boy.

Rob from the Netherlands:

This may be more of an overall question. I've only discovered football a few years ago but became a fanatic fan the first time I saw the Cardinals play. Now I have been a Suns fan for about 25 years now. Right now I have the same feeling as with the Suns the last few seasons with Nash. Having Palmer and Arians with us is special I think, they are great men. Of course Larry surpasses everybody when it comes to that. It feels like we are trying our best to give these guys their final shot against all the odds. Wouldn't it be better to move on from them and kinda start fresh? I hated when people suggested it with Nash but it was truthfully the best thing. The Suns just waited too long, are the Cardinals in danger of making the same mistake?

They already have… Fortunately for the Cardinals, the NFL is an easier rebuild, most of the time, than the NBA which is dependent on getting multiple elite players together.

In the NFL, you build one side of the ball to be good to great and you are a back in the game. You get a quarterback and you get a chance to be good.

Now, the Cardinals are continuing forward with their veterans to try and contend, while also getting young guys some work.

Mark from Peoria:

With your offensive line struggling, why don't you put in a double tight end max protection and put palmer in the shotgun more often?

Because Bruce Arians hates that stuff. The more blockers, the less weapons in the routes. Arians would sooner retire than go conservative with his approach. He is Frank Sinatra, he Is going to do it his way.

Now, he has been more willing to keep backs and tight ends in, but every single player on the Cardinals in those positions is better at receiving the ball than blocking, outside of Adrian Peterson who is not great at either.

So, long story short. They don’t have the desire to and if they did, the personnel isn’t exactly fitting for that style of play.

Aaron from San Tan:

With trading for Adrian Peterson do you think that the cardinals are done making trading considering that we could use help with our offensive line issues and now we see that DRC might be available from the giants for something? Would it be a smart move for the cardinals to go after a proven DB.

Offensive line help is tough to come by unless you are going to give up an early round pick, so I really doubt that is the way they go.

On the flipside, a Marcus Cooper type trade is basically done with Tramon Williams getting ready to start, so that is done.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is probably a non-starter here because of his salary the next two seasons.

Give Tramon Williams some time, if that doesn’t work, we will see who the next Keim Time swing for the fences will be.

Thanks all for the questions, really appreciate it.