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What we learned from a 33-0 shutout against the Rams

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images

It was an ugly performance in all three aspects of the game. Defensively the team seemed out of sorts following the first quarter. They allowed long drives and did not appear to have much communication.

The Offense had a good drive to open the game. It would turn out to be there best drive of the game. Phil Dawson wound up missing the kick that would be the Cardinals only shot at points.

With the bye week this week, it’s time for the Cardinals to rest and recover. It will also be a time for the team to look in the mirror and decide what team this want to be.

But what have we, the fans, learned?

For starters, we now know that Drew Stanton will replace Carson Palmer for the remainder of the season. A broken arm will sideline Palmer for the next eight weeks. Arians confirmed after the game that Stanton is the team's number two quarterback for a reason. So sorry guys, the Blaine Gabbert experiment will be put on hold.

Adrian Peterson had a very rough outing. His 21 yards was on par with the rest of the offensive production. One highlight to find in that is that AP made 18 of his 21 yards after contact, so clearly he is still the same running back, the running lanes were just not there.

Coaching has been a problem this season. James Bettcher seems to have been figured out as a defensive coordinator. He has dialed back the blitzing this season, has played more zone as well. With a plethora of talented payers on the Defensive side of the ball, the Cardinals should not be having these issues.

The same goes on the offensive side of the ball. Bruce Arians, the Cardinals offensive genius has seemed to have lost his magic touch. The offense has been stagnant all season. Through seven games, the offense has managed only 119 points and has been held under 10 in two of them. Some fall on the mental mistakes on the field, but there have been lapses in Arians’ judgment too often this season.

Chandler Jones continues to be the Cardinals lone pass risking weapon the Cardinals have fielded. He posted his eighth sack in seven games this season, living up to the contract the Cardinals rewarded him with.

Is there something else that you learned? Let us know in the comments below.

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