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Bruce Arians to retire, just don’t tell him that

A report has surfaced that Arians will not return in 2018 and the coach has already shot it down.

Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

When you go from being a Super Bowl favorite to one of the worst teams in the NFL (record wise) in the span of a season, rumors begin.

For the Arizona Cardinals, this is the truth.

They were favorites coming into 2016 to take the next step and make it to the Super Bowl. Instead, they kicked away the season, finished below .500 and looked lost at time.

This offseason, they lost a lot of veteran talent on defense, and it shows.

Their offense has been harpooned by injuries to key players and just flat out being bad. Now they're without their quarterback, Carson Palmer, maybe for the season.

Which means it's time to fire up the “sauces”...

This one has already been debunked by Bruce Arians himself:

The other interesting rumor floated was from Jason McIntyre:

Of course this seems like a complete fallacy.

Arians is one win away from being tied as the winningest coach in Cardinals history and his winning percentage is the best in franchise history.

Has the past season and a half been bad? Yes, but they are two games under .500 in that time frame and Arians has earned enough rope at this point.

Of course, when things start to go bad, the saucy vultures start circling.