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Answering your questions for Bye Week 2017!

Kaepernick to Cardinals, Lamar Jackson, the NFC West, and more.

Arizona Cardinals v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Thank you everyone for submitting your questions!

Sorry I’m a little bit late to answering the questions, but it’s better late than never!

Here we go.

Is BA’s view on Kap as a viable QB replacement legitimate?


After the Cardinals’ loss last Sunday, Bruce Arians said this when approached about the possibility of signing Kaepernick, he said this (according to ESPN):

We’ve never had more than two on our roster since I’ve been here. We liked Blaine Gabbert so much that we kept him this year. So, we’re really where we always are. We may look for a practice squad arm.

Without getting too much into politics surrounding Colin Kaepernick, I’ll say this: I think it’s entirely possible that Arians’ statement is baloney. He’s right about them liking to only have 2 QBs, but that’s not a very impressive reason.

So, there could absolutely be a political reason behind Arians’ decision to not want Kap. He’s a very polarizing figure in the NFL, and there’s no doubt that it would cause controversy.

That being said, let’s remember that Kaepernick isn’t the ideal Bruce Arians quarterback and he has a weird belief in Drew Stanton (see every year since he has been here) before we go labelling this anything more than a football decision.

Would you rather fight 100 Veldheer-sized JJ Nelsons or 1 JJ Nelson-sized Veldheer?


Oh man, this is a tough one! I think I’d want to fight one J.J. Nelson-sized Veldheer because I would only have to deal with a single target.

Regardless, I’d probably lose either of the fights.

Do we throw them all for Lamar Jackson? He's already a Cardinal why not.


Lamar Jackson is a beast, there’s no doubt. The thing is that he’s definitely going to be highly sought after by teams that need a quarterback way more than AZ (i.e. 49ers, Browns, Dolphins). So, I think that if they get the chance, it wouldn’t be a terrible bet.

Is there a precedent in the NFL for teams to find life in their bye week and get different results in the second half of the season, or should we expect the tailspin to continue?


I think that’s a teams goal each and every week. But yes, I do think that teams try and find new life after their bye, but does that ever really work out? Not really. I’m sure the Cardinals aren’t going to find any dramatic change.

Should Carson Palmer retire immediately?

-Andy Allen

Immediately? No. At the end of the season? He has to. He’s getting too old and too unhealthy to keep playing. It’s time for the Cardinals to find a new generation of players and move on from the Carson Palmer era.

Do you think the Rams are an elite team?


So far, yes! I think they’re great. Honestly, I’d love to see them get to the playoffs. That’s where I’m going to be concerned. I don’t exactly know if they’re going to live up to the hype if they make it to the playoffs. But, we’ll see! I’m honestly very excited to see where their season goes.

I still love the Cardinals though.

And hate the Seahawks.

Sorry about Carson. Christian Ponder is still unsigned and has starting experience. He was selected 2 or 3 spots behind Gabbert. Arians and Moore are QB Guru's. Lets bring him in on the cheep, and we have our 2 QB's for next year. We needs to draft an O line.


Eh... Christian Ponder hasn’t played a regular season game since 2014. I don’t see him as someone that is worth paying any money for.

I do agree that they need to draft an Offensive Line. I suspect that we might lose Iupati and Veldheer, and that’s going to hurt us.

Chances on the Cardinals finishing 9-7 beating the Rams in a tiebreaker for the division?


Next to no chance. The Cardinals aren’t going to play good enough, and even if they did play good enough to get 9-7, I don’t think the Rams would come close enough to playing that badly to finish the season 4-7.

Will they sign a needed position?

-Gabriel Avila


Maybe they’ll draft another linebacker in the first round instead. (Editor’s Note: LOL)

Why don't the cardinals go trade for a quarterback instead of sticking with a washed up quarterback?


I think at this point the Cardinals know that their season is basically over, and they’re just trying to get through it the best way possible. And that means no dramatic shake-ups.

Stanton will do fine, and if they need to, they’ve always got Gabbert in their back pocket. They’ll figure something out in the offseason, I’m sure of it.

Well, that was fun you guys! Thanks for submitting your questions. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend, and stay tuned to Revenge of the Birds next week for the game against the 49ers!