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Arizona Cardinals fans not happy, even on a bye week

Cardinals fans were not happy watching Deshaun Watson pick apart the Seahawks.

NFL: Houston Texans at Seattle Seahawks Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

It was a pleasant Sunday.

The Arizona Cardinals we're on a bye week, there could be nothing in the football world to get fans upset.

Of course, coming off the embarrassing loss in London, losing Carson Palmer to an injury, there is a growing sentiment of frustration around the team from the fans.

That means, even on a day when they're off, the Arizona Cardinals fans doing something to get upset about.

The parent tweet has since been deleted, but Cards fans were in no mood for Deshaun Watson to put up another massive performance, this time against the Cards NFC West rival, the Seattle Seahawks.

This is a truly unanswerable question, because I don't think it was them not prioritizing Watson or any quarterback for that matter, as much as it was not spending too much capital.

They prioritized getting younger and faster on defense and did that with Haason Reddick and Budda Baker.

Not a shot at Mr. Blavin, but as I always say, I don't care that 31 other teams are stupid (really just 15 or 16), but I definitely care when my team is.

That's absolutely the best tweet out of all of them… I laughed for a while.

This is how the Seahawks fans feel coming out of that game:

At least the Cardinals just didn't make a move up for him. Also, I'm very glad SF was dumb enough to pass on him... Twice.