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Bruce Arians: "Doubts David Johnson will play again this season"

The Cardinals got some bad news on the injury front.

NFL: International Series-Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

The question is simple, were the comments made by Bruce Arians today a waiving of the white flag for 2017?

No, he didn't say that, no he wouldn't say that and I believe personally he would never believe that either, but today in his weekly coaches press conference, he had some interesting things to say.

This wasn't a shock, but Arians admission of this comes at a time when just a week ago, before Carson Palmer was put on the injured reserve for at least eight weeks, the talk was that maybe David Johnson and Palmer could be back by Thanksgiving.


While being hopeful for the best possible outcomes of injuries is important for coaches, reality always sets in, now Johnson, Palmer and T.J. Logan seem bound to miss the last nine games.

This seemed like a warning almost, that the Arizona Cardinals are still going to play hard this year, but this season seems… lost.

Maybe it was just the disappointment of the injury reality coming to fruition for the coach and the Cardinals.

However you slice it… it sure feels like a revelation of… The Arizona Cardinals are on to 2018.