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Rise Up, See Red: Arizona Cardinals survive 49ers, look forward to Eagles

Jess and I talk Cardinals vs 49ers and preview the Eagles.

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

What a win… right?

That's the thing, after four weeks, the Arizona Cardinals are still in it, whatever it may be.

Jess and I wanted to talk about.

What went right in the game?

Is the offensive line fixable… if so, how.

Other question marks coming out of the game were discussed and really, do they matter if the offensive line continues to commit manslaughter?

From there, we gushed about Carson Palmer and what he's doing this year. We also worry, maybe this 2009 Kurt Warner all over again. Then, do they have a prayer in Philly?

It's a great episode, Jess as always makes it easy to find the goods.

Rise Up, See Red and let's go Cardinals.

Here are the topics and times from the show:

(3:35) What the hosts liked about the Cardinals’ win

(13:24) What the hosts didn’t like about the Cardinals’ win

(28:22) “I believe that _______” about the Cardinals

Here is the link.