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Philadelphia Eagles vs. Arizona Cardinals game preview

How can we pull off a win against one of the best offenses in the NFL?

Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Welcome to Week 5!

To start off, I’d like to make one thing clear: I don’t think there’s any good reason why the Arizona Cardinals should win this game.

Last week, they barely won in overtime against San Francisco, one of the worst teams in the league.

The offensive line sucks. Sorry to be a little childish in my wording, but that’s really the best way to describe it. It sucks.

All this being said, I’m here because I’m a Cardinals fan, and I’m going to try and give some reasons why they can maybe win this one.

Step 1 - Clobber Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz is the backbone of the Eagles team. Coming off his exciting, but slightly underwhelming rookie year, he’s continually looking like a very slick QB for the Eagles. To win, they’re going to have to address his 1,058 passing yards and 60% completion percentage, and put on some pressure (he’s been sacked 12 times so far this year).

Step 2 - Stop LeGarrette Blount

Adding on to the Eagles explosive offense, the former Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount is one of their keys. Last week against the Chargers, he ran for 136 yards. That’s going to be something they’ll have to address, and make sure to stop the big plays.

Step 3 - Throw to Fitzgerald

Self-explanatory. Why Palmer doesn’t throw to him very often is beyond me.

Step 4 - Protect Palmer

Yeah yeah, you already know this. I won’t get in to it. But, it’s a fact. This needs to be improved in order to win football games.

I don’t expect the Cardinals to win. But I think they can. Honestly, I think the Cardinals can win against any of the teams that they’ve faced so far! But they’re not. They’re making avoidable mistakes that need to be addressed fast, or else this team isn’t going to be playing for anything late in the season.