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Is it time for Arizona Cardinals fans to embrace the suck and think 2018 NFL Draft?

It has been a bad season, is it time to look ahead?

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

When the season began, optimism was a given, but no one saw a Sunday like yesterday coming.

No one thought that the Cardinals would lose David Johnson in the beginning of the season.

Close games wins over San Fran and Indianapolis, gave hope, but when I watched the demolition in Philly, I realize that playoffs are a long shot.

So where do we as fans go from here?

Unless Carson Palmer comes back next year, you have to think that it's past due to draft a quarterback.

Should have probably been done this year for Patrick Mahomes or Deshaun Watson (who I was down on, but I was completely wrong about), but it never happened.

I hear the outcries for offensive lineman, but can QB continue to be ignored?

Realistically, you still have a chance to make the playoffs, but the reality of this season starts to creep up in my thinking.

Even if the Cards were to lose a majority of their games, you'd think they'd still lose out on a top-5 pick, considering that B.A. will refuse to tank with his competitive side.

The talent on this roster, whether you'd like to admit it, is still a borderline 6-10 to 9-7 type of team, however injuries have sapped a lot of that.

When a new mock draft comes out, I'm typically able to get a feel for what most other NFL draft writers are thinking. Matt Miller of Bleacher Report did a mock draft today, and projected three quarterbacks being taken in the first four picks.

Those three QB's have been very decent, having up-and-down games. The first quarterback, Sam Darnold, struggled mightily against Washington State on primetime. He seemed slow to read and react against blitz coverages.

Josh Rosen has been lights out, but because he hasn't won any primetime games, he is slightly behind Darnold.

Then there is Josh Allen, the escape artist, was sorely disappointing against an unranked Oregon ducks team.

At pick eight, Matt Miller then attaches another QB to the Cardinals. Mason Rudolph of Oklahoma State. Not a quarterback that would be in the top-10, in my opinion, but he isn't bad. I mean, when you have thrown 16 touchdowns compared to 4 interceptions, there must be some talent there.

If you hit pick 8, do you consider trading up to maybe pick four for a Josh Allen or Josh Rosen? Would you trade down, garner some more picks, and let a team like the Redskins take Mason? Maybe. I mean, I still am a lot higher on Luke Falk of Washington State.

You could probably trade back all the way to the 20's and still have a chance on Luke Falk and was spectacular against USC and Oregon.

So here is the situation: Trade up with the all the amounts of compensatory selections (probably projected four comp picks), or trade down and gather maybe two or three extra picks to help out the veteran team we currently have.

What do you guys think?


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