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Steve Keim prefers to draft and develop quarterbacks

The Arizona Cardinals GM answers questions on the QB position.

Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

When Steve Keim and Bruce Arians took over the Arizona Cardinals in 2013, the question was asked about the quarterback position.

Since taking over, Keim has brought in (regular season roster only):

Drew Stanton
Carson Palmer
Logan Thomas
Matt Barkley
Zac Dysert
Blaine Gabbert

In other words, the Cardinals have churned the bottom of their quarterback room since Keim and Arians came aboard.

What they haven't done, despite Keim's words, is actually draft and develop a quarterback:

The only quarterback drafted by Keim in his tenure is Logan Thomas.

The question becomes: Who have the Cardinals targeted as the quarterback to draft and develop?

Since Keim took over who have they passed on (Players who have shown a sign of quality onlY)?

2013 - No one worth drafting

2014 - Teddy Bridgewater, Derek Carr, Jimmy Garoppolo, A.J. McCarron

2015 - Brett Hundley

2016 - Jacoby Brissett, Dak Prescott

2017 - DeShone Kizer (and that may be generous at this point)

Looking back, the Cardinals haven’t missed too badly, except for Carr and Prescott. The Bridgewater one is a tough one to judge, would the knee have imploded somewhere else?

Brissett wasn’t really a miss, since he was drafted in the third round before the Cardinals picked and wasn’t valued as a first round pick, remember the Cardinals didn’t have a second round pick thanks to Chandler Jones.

That begs the question, have the Cardinals been too conservative in not making a move for a quarterback to get one to “draft and develop”?

That’s another conversation for another day.