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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly from #SEAvsAZ on Thursday Night Football

What was great, what wasn’t and what was awful in the Cards’ final nationally televised game of the year?

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Cardinals dropped to 4-5 with a loss to the Seahawks on Thursday Night Football last night.

Let’s break down what was good, what was bad about it, and what was plain ugly.

Ready? Go!

The Good:

Drew Stanton’s Play (for what he needed to do)

Stanton managed the game well, and while he was inaccurate with overthrows he still made enough plays to win the game for Arizona. The problem was, he got no help.

Stanton used his legs and extended plays and should have had two more touchdowns in that game.

The Defense

Overall the defense continued their strong play from last week, with Budda Baker and Hasson Reddick making plays and sacking Russell Wilson five times. It wasn’t enough, however and all it took was one broken play.

Larry Legend

Fitzgerald reached 15,000 receiving yards and is still on track to finish 3rd all-time in the NFL in receiving. With 113 yards he had more catches than basically the rest of the team. It’s incredible how good Larry is.

Bruce Arians’ decision to finally defer to the second half.

A round of applause for Bruce finally making this decision.

The Bad:

The Run Game

1.4 yards per carry.



Even without D.J. Humphries that’s despicable and the Cardinals need to figure out where the problem is, because the talent can’t be that bad and Seattle can’t be that good.

All the Drops by Wide Receivers

I don’t even think this is worth mentioning or going into detail about but this arguably cost the Cardinals the game, and maybe even their season.

The Grass:

Richard Sherman and 5 other players saw their season end tonight. It’s something worth noting, even if it’s no one’s fault.

The Ugly:

Season-Ending Injuries:

-D.J. Humphries, starting stud left tackle, ACL

-Tyvon Branch, leading the team in tackles, ACL

-Ifeyani Momah, ankle

This team can’t take any more injuries. I’m amazed this team can show up and compete on a weekly basis given the injuries they’ve gone through.

Special Teams Penalties:

Arizona had a chance to win the game. And they botch an extra point which gets blocked followed by a botched attempt at an onside kick.

It doesn’t get uglier than Cardinals’ special teams play at this point.


Adrian Peterson on his first carry set the giving it back to Seattle despite the team having great field position.

Andre Ellington would have lost one in the game too if the NFL knew what a catch was...they don’t. Seattle didn’t turn the ball over once in this game.

Thursday Night Football in general:

Nuff Said.

And this:

That’s all, folks.

So what was your Good, Bad and Ugly?

Did any players stand out well? Anything you thought was terrible?

Sound off and let us know in the comments section!