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Arizona Cardinals announce starting QB for Houston Texans... Friday

Who will start at QB for Cardinals on Sunday? We won't know until Friday.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

The Wednesday before the Arizona Cardinals take on the Houston Texans and the name of the starting quarterback for the game for the Cardinals is still unknown.

That's where we are at this point in the 2017 season for the Arizona Cardinals… Waiting for an announcement on the starting quarterback.

That announcement is unlikely to come out before Friday, but Head Coach Bruce Arians said two things that matter:

There's an open endedness to this whole situation that makes fans impatient but also seems more unnecessary than it really needs to be.

Announce that Blaine Gabbert is starting this week and give everyone, yes even the Houston Texans, the idea of who is starting. Maybe this has happened within the locker room, but the posturing seems odd.

Worst comes to worst, if Drew Stanton is ready on Sunday, he starts and you say after the game, “Look, he progressed through the week and he's the starter if healthy, there are no questions.”

Anyway, now… we wait.